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RightFax error: A Non-Group 3 Fax Device Answered

Issue: RightFax 8.5 consistently errors with "A Non-Group 3 Fax Device Answered" when attempting to send to a particular number.

Details: Called the number and noticed that it rang four times, switched to an internal line and rang another couple of times before the fax device answered. Suspect a timeout issue.

Resolution: Increase CD (Carrier Detect?) timeout on Brooktrout card:

  1. In RightFax Enterprise Fax Manager, right-click RightFax BoardServer Module service
  2. Select Configure Service
  3. Under Global Board Settings, increase CD Timeout. In this case, I changed it from 40 to 60.
  4. Click OK and the service should restart
  5. Resend a fax to a number that has been erroring to make sure the setting change fixed the problem