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Who is that masked man?

Hi. My name is Bryan Voss. I'm a Systems Administrator at a mid-size healthcare facility. I deal with Windows and Linux systems (of the Ubuntu flavor when given a choice). I manage systems like document imaging, medical imaging (PACS), web servers, SSL gateways, intranet sites, instant messaging, SAN, Centera, and lots of other interesting things. Well, interesting to an IT geek anyway. My wife will probably roll her eyes when she reads this.

Speaking of my wife, I'm ecstatically married with an ever-expanding array of kids. My wife does a superb job homeschooling our kids and choosing healthy natural foods and lifestyles for the family. She does a pretty good job keeping the tech side of me at bay. (Although I do have a basement full of computers. Hey, a guy's gotta keep his mad skillz honed somehow.)

This blog was started on a whim as I was overwhelmed by the niftiness of my job and life in general. I needed someplace to vent that enthusiasm and dump any interesting technical tidbits I happened to stumble upon. It has since occasionally morphed into a rant board as I shake my fist at the oddities of the industries I am a part of. So far, I'm targeting a mostly technical audience, although I may occasionally throw in some family tidbit if the urge hits me.

Read. Enjoy. Learn. Shake your head at my ignorance. Laugh. Cry. Comment if you like.

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