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Generating a Centera cliplist from DiskXtender

We recently completed a migration from one EMC Centera to another. I was asked by Centera Support to provide cliplists from all applications that store data on Centera so they can verify that they copied everything.

When a file is stored on Centera, it returns a clip ID, which is an identifier for that particular file. Rather than a directory/filename, etc., Centera generates an MD5 hash of the file contents and that serves as the locator.

Here are the instructions for generating a cliplist from EMC DiskXtender:

  1. Download dxdmchk utility from EMC Powerlink.
  2. Run dxdmchk /sub /e "[extended drive directory]"
  3. This generates dxdmchk.log in the dxdmchk directory. This is the cliplist that will need to be provided to Centera Support.
  4. If there is more than one content directory on the extended drive, run dxdmchk for the root of each content directory. Make sure you rename the logfile or it will be overwritten.

Since we have over 40 million files stored on Centera by DiskXtender, it looks like it will take a while to generate the cliplist.

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