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Linux process elapsed time

I'm working on a script to dump a daily audit log from one of our clinical systems. The script invokes Oracle's sqlplus and runs a query provided by the vendor to show all user activity in the past 24 hours. I started the query running with the expectation that it would take at most a few minutes to run. That was before lunch. It's now late afternoon and the script is still running.

The output file is slowly growing, so it's still working. I attached an strace to the process and see it mostly waiting in a read state, so I assume that we just need to optimize the indexes on the database to make it run faster. That's mostly outside my responsibility, but I did want to check to see how long the process had been running in order to make a preliminary report to my coworkers. Digging around in the /proc directory for the process didn't immediately show me what I wanted to know, so I turned to the "ps" command. I had to do some reading, but ended up with the following:
ps -o etime,stime,time,cmd -C sqlplus

This gave me what I was looking for: elapsed time, system time, wait time, and the command for all sqlplus processes.

Total elapsed time so far: 5 hours. Wow. That's quite a while for a single query.