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New Monitors

I recently mentioned to my supervisor at work that my old 21" CRT monitor was getting a bit blurry. He said to speak to the manager of the PC Techs about ordering a replacement LCD.

A couple of weeks later, I was the proud recipient of dual 22" widescreen LCDs. Since the PC Tech manager was ordering a similar setup for himself and a couple of the PC Techs, he just included mine in the order.

I spent several hours over the past couple of days struggling with dual-head video cards under Windows Vista. My first attempt was an ATI card that was physically too large for my small-form-factor Dell. I then tried an older Nvidia that fit in the case, but had driver issues. I finally fell back to the built-in Intel graphics chipset with a dinky add-on that Dell supplies to share the display between two monitors. It shares system memory and isn't very high performance, but it works for now. I may try to order a better video card in the future if performance is a problem.

Below is a photo. The monitor on the far left is connected to a separate PC displaying Groundwork (Nagios) which is monitoring all the servers. I also have it connected to a KVM so I can hook up other stuff as needed. The two monitors in the center are the new widescreens. I put one in a portrait setup so I can view full-page documents without having to scroll around. My laptop is on the right with its 17" widescreen.

New Monitors

Everything is tied together with Synergy, which allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple PCs and displays. Works very well.

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