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More shell scripting

for file in Pyramis*.ps ; do name=`echo $file | cut -d'.' -f 1` ; ps2ascii $file > $name.txt ; done

Converting a bunch of Postscript files to ASCII text files. Posted here for my future reference. (And anybody else that may happen to be interested.) It's a fairly basic example, but I tend to fumble around on these if I haven't done much shell scripting in a while.

We're iterating through the list of files named Pyramis*.ps . The filename ($file) is passed through cut to chop off the extension (.ps) and the resulting name is assigned to the $name variable. We then run the original filename ($file) through ps2ascii to do the actual conversion and write the output to $name with a .txt extension. We end up with a bunch of files with the same name as the original Postscript file, but with a .txt extension.


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