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VMWare: HOWTO clone a Windows VM

Care must be taken when cloning a Windows VM to ensure that a new SID is generated in order to properly assign access controls. There are also steps necessary to ensure the new VM has a unique UUID and MAC address. Here is the proper way to clone a Windows VM for hosting under VMWare Server:

  1. Shut down the source VM
  2. Copy the VM directory and rename
  3. Edit the target .vmx file and remove the lines that begin with: "uuid.location", "uuid.bios", "ethernet0.generatedAddress", and "ethernet0.generatedAddressOffset"
  4. Start the target VM and login as local admin
  5. Change the IP address
  6. Run NewSID to replace the existing SID with a generated one. Choose to rename the PC and enter the new name.
  7. Reboot the target VM
  8. Join the domain (if applicable)
  9. You may now boot the source VM
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