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So there I was, installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 3 on a new box. "RHEL3," you ask? Yes, the application that will be running on that box requires not version 5, not even version 4, but version 3.

Anyway, I boot into the GUI installer. The mouse doesn't work. Apparently the KVM module on this box is confused about the type of mouse it wants to present to the OS. Ok, no problem. I just reboot into the text-mode installer and go merrily on my way. I get to the partitioning step and spend several minutes trudging through the arcane requirements document provided by the vendor. for some reason, they want two volume groups rather than one that consumes the entire disk. [shrug] Calculate how to size the partitions. Create physical volumes. Done. Ok, time to create a volume group. Wait a minute. Where's the LVM button? The GUI installer has an LVM button on the partition screen that allows you to create volume groups and logical volumes. The text-mode installer is missing the LVM button!

I hit and navigate my way to the install guide for RHEL3. Try the index first. Nothing about LVM. Ok, check the table of contents. Text mode installer user interface. Nope, nothing there. Maybe something in the Disk Druid buttons section? What's this? "Note, LVM is only available in the graphical installation program." Aargh!

Reboot yet again into the graphical installer with the plan to use the keyboard to navigate through it. Wiggle the mouse just for fun. Hey, it works! I guess the KVM module saw my dilemma and decided to have mercy on me.

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