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Digital audio recorder

My cellphone has an audio recorder function, which I use more often than the telephone functionality. I mapped the recorder to a button on the main screen, so I can launch it easily.

I listen to a few podcasts regularly on my commute to work and back. It's extremely nice to be able to just pop open the cellphone, hit two buttons, and record a short note on a website to check out or a book to look into. Every few days, I listen to the audio clips and transcribe any relevant info on my Palm. This trickles its way into my "system" on the next hotsync. Fits well into the GTD methodology. In fact, David Allen suggests carrying a digital recorder for that purpose.

Having the recorder built into the cellphone reduces the number of gadgets hanging off my belt. I'm already carrying cellphone, Palm, and pager. This week, I'm filling in for the IS Physician Liason, so I'm also carrying a Blackberry. Every couple of months, my turn to be on call rotates around, so I spend the week with an additional pager and cellphone on me at all times. My belt starts to look like Batman's utility belt with gadgets hanging off everywhere. I have to be cautious when picking up one of my kids, for fear of knocking something off.

It's hard to believe that I'm complaining about having too many toys to carry around. Ten years ago I thought it was cool to carry a pager because it signified that I was "important." Now I'm looking for ways to consolidate because I have too many gadgets.

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