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Dusting off the old blog

I was digging through my hosting provider's admin area and found this old blog. Hasn't been updated in years. WordPress was in a broken state and everything was out of date. I've now upgraded everything to the latest versions and fixed the broken bits. I'm tinkering with some freelance work and some of the opportunities require WordPress experience. Although I have several sites I could point people to as examples, this one probably has the most content, even though it is years old.

Anyway, maybe I'll start posting more of my shenanigans here since this old blog is back in business.

Note to self: update the about page!

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links for 2011-07-11

  • Since I'm forced to use MS Outlook at work, might as well make the most of it. This app can put a calendar and mail folder directly on the desktop for at-a-glace reference. Nice!
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links for 2011-07-04

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links for 2011-06-30

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Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise 32-bit not seeing all available RAM

I ran into an issue today after adding more RAM to a Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise server. I upgraded it from 4GB to 20GB, but Windows still only saw around 3.25GB after booting. I checked the HP management board and it showed 20GB installed and working. After some googling, I found a solution here. Edit the boot.ini file and add a /PAE switch to enable Physical Address Extension. After rebooting, the System Properties dialog now shows a nifty Physical Address Extension line under the Computer section and all 20GB of RAM is available.

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links for 2011-06-25

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links for 2011-06-20

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links for 2011-06-13

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links for 2011-06-10

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links for 2011-06-08

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